For Guests Booked With Us Only

We can get discounted rates on both car ferries for you. Most discounted fares cost generally in the region of £60-80.

Red Funnel – Southampton – E. Cowes = arrives within 5 mins of us
Wightlink – Portsmouth – Fishbourne = arrives within 5 mins of us
Wightlink – Lymington – Yarmouth = 25 min drive to us

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Foot Passenger Information

We can’t unfortunately get discounts on passenger ferries.

Red Jet – Southampton – West Cowes (10min shuttle bus from train station to Jet) 25 min crossing; 15 min taxi to us
Fast Cat – Portsmouth – Ryde (Portsmouth Harbour train station is inside same terminal building so v easy) 15 min crossing; 10 min taxi to us
Hovercraft – Portsmouth/Southsea – Ryde. (The quickest and most fun!) 8 min crossing; 10 min taxi to us.) But Southsea is not so convenient to get to, on public transport. Although you can park long stay in good carparks there.

You can of course travel as foot passengers on all of the Car Ferries too, which does work out slightly cheaper than the fast passenger jets.
You can’t book in advance on any of these (unless you are booking a rail through-ticket – see info below).

The only way to get a pretty good discount on these, is if you book a rail ticket with a discount rail card such as their Network Card – as it takes a percentage off the whole through price.

Ask for a through ticket to W.Cowes (Red Jet) or E.Cowes (car ferry) via Southampton or Ryde Pierhead (Fast Cat) (top end of pier for taxis) or Ryde Esplanade (little extra train takes you down the long pier to the main road and bus station) via Portsmouth Harbour.

If you need any extra info – please contact us.